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  Mortgage Calculator & Amortization Schedule
 Loan Date    =        Sales Price ($)    =   
 Interest Rate (%)    =        Amortization (years)    =   
 Term (years)*    =        Down Payment (%)    =   

 *Set the Term to fewer years for a balloon payment
Check here to include an Amortization Schedule
 Loan Date: The starting date of the loan.
 Sales Price: The sales price of the property. Or, if you set the Down Payment to zero, the actual loan amount. DO NOT enter formatting characters. $100,000 would be entered as 100000.
 Interest Rate: The annual interest rate of the loan. DO NOT enter the % sign.
 Amortization (years): The number of years over which the interest of the loan is calculated.
 Term (years): The actual length of the loan. Must be equal to or less than the Amortizaton Years. Setting this to a smaller number of years than the Amortization Years will allow you to calculate a balloon payment type of loan.
 Down Payment: If you know the actual loan amount you can set this to zero. In that case, the Sales Price will be used as the actual loan amount. DO NOT enter the % sign.

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